One-thing at the time

Overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming… This is exactly how you can feel when you arrive at the start of a rainy long race. Things to do become easier if broken in smaller pieces, this might be a good advice to start. Walking mile after mile, the ending lines is inevitable in time. Therefore… just go one-thing atContinue reading “One-thing at the time”

An honest, clean smile

Around zero outside, body temperature inside. Jolie was dressed as if it is summer. This was  her first Yoga class at 37 degrees of Celsius, the first class of Hot Yoga. Ambient was very pleasant, the teacher (you call Yoga instructor a teacher, or?) likeable, always smiling. Jolie was happy and very curious about this.Continue reading “An honest, clean smile”

Repurpose – January 27, 2017

Cats in the holy trees? #Repurpose – Photo Challenge #Conventional Wisdom – Discover Challenge There are two trees in our park that have been repurposed for the home of one black and one white cat. There are a number of legends about trees and maybe even a greater number about cats. In Egyptian mythology, thereContinue reading “Repurpose – January 27, 2017”

Semi-Automatic, or?

Automatic – can you do it? – she asked I was humbling a song…Semi-automatic… I’m never what I like… I’m double sided… It’s not what I asked – she whispered loudly. Yes, honey… my life is often set on auto-pilot. I come from one spot to another not knowing which road I took. Does itContinue reading “Semi-Automatic, or?”

A Splendid Field of Poppies

When you listen – filter When you speak – filter When you read – filter When you write – filter   When you think – filter When you feel – filter Let only laugh and happiness be with you And your life will be like a splendid field of poppies   Source of featured image:Continue reading “A Splendid Field of Poppies”

P.S. I want to move the mountains …

KISS – Keep it simple stupid Featured Image Source: Pinterest. When You goggle the KISS principle you see a number of signs, simple drawings of nature (mostly sea, island, boat and a palm tree) and of course you see Albert Einstein and his quote: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler“.Continue reading “P.S. I want to move the mountains …”