Repurpose – January 27, 2017

Cats in the holy trees?

#Repurpose – Photo Challenge

#Conventional Wisdom – Discover Challenge

There are two trees in our park that have been repurposed for the home of one black and one white cat.



There are a number of legends about trees and maybe even a greater number about cats.

In Egyptian mythology, there were several species of trees that were considered sacred. One of the most important was Sycamore, sacred to Re. They stood at the eastern gate of heaven from which the sun emerged each morning. It is interesting that the ished tree, a Tree of Life, had a special solar meaning and was protected from Apep by the great cat of Heliopolis, a one form of the famous Re.

Even though we see these cats as our little friends in the neighbouring park, would it be rude to assume that these cats are somehow different? Divine?

And that these trees are also a kind of solemnly dedicated to a higher purpose?

Conventional wisdom?