SCI-FI World

In my quest to solve the mystery of CUSP I was wondering to a pointed end and then struggled through anatomy, mathematics, architecture and astronomy. I even touched geography and finally stumbled upon artistic and sometimes underground part of the word. Have you ever heard about Robert A. Metzger? Well, if you did’t now it’sContinue reading “SCI-FI World”

Why couldn’t it be just later?

Isn’t it strange? Isn’t it sad? To think of you In the mist of everyday thoughts Sudden sorrow and despair Missing you helplessly I don’t even remember I’ll never understand Why did you go without goodbye? Why couldn’t you just say? See you later? Why couldn’t it be just later? Source of Featured image: reading “Why couldn’t it be just later?”

I will never translate my feelings into words

How can I show you what it means to me? How can I promise you the heaven, the universe? How do I even dare to dream…? When only chaos is in me. Only sadness around me.   So I promised myself… You will always be my secret. You will stay perfect no matter what! IContinue reading “I will never translate my feelings into words”