My Way To Santiago – Day 5

Gernika-Lumo – Lezama – Bilbao What is Aquelarre? Is it a herb Dactylis hispanica or is really the Basque name for the a scene depicted by Goya (1746-1828) about the Witches’s Sabbath – a place where they hold their meetings with Akerra (the male goat) in the main role? I am not sure. But firstContinue reading “My Way To Santiago – Day 5”

Feeling a jolt of heaviness…

Continued from climbing. Final 10Ks were easy. Nice refreshment and a joy of running toward the sea were all that I needed at that time. Everything was downhill, something that I can do always. I don’t even understand when people say that running downhill is a problem. I personally feel some kind of a specialContinue reading “Feeling a jolt of heaviness…”

Tenaciously going uphill

… continued from…Healing process.… Crossing the river Mirna, I remembered that I still didn’t visit Kotli, the origin, the famous spring of the River. Well, I guess my “to-do list” is luckily still rather big.   The Mirna is the Istria’s longest and richest river. In the little village Kotli with only fifteen old stoneContinue reading “Tenaciously going uphill”