Majestic Symphony


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Majestic Symphony


How hard is the forced reality

Mind, body and soul do not beat as one

Wisdom of the mind

Wildness of the body

Hidden sorrow of the soul

Irresistible pain


Maybe One day

heaven will allowthem

to synchronize

to beat at the same frequency

And maybe that one day

long-lasting harmony and peace will come.

And maybe that one day…

Majestic symphony will flow with the wind

Finally it has been done…


My Way To Santiago – Day 5

Gernika-Lumo – Lezama – Bilbao


What is Aquelarre?

Is it a herb Dactylis hispanica or is really the Basque name for the a scene depicted by Goya (1746-1828) about the Witches’s Sabbath – a place where they hold their meetings with Akerra (the male goat) in the main role?

I am not sure. But first thing that cross my mind by reading of this word actually reminds me on the Great He-Goat (El gran cabrón) of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya. I remember the idea of exploring the violence, intimidation, aging and death in his famous oil murals and in the series of Black Paintings. The critics say that he mocks and ridicules the superstition, fear and irrationality of his time.

At the age of 75, after recovering of the lead poisoning illness, Goya withdrew from the public life and moved  in a two-story house on the banks of the River Manzanares near Segovia bridge called Quinta del Sordo (Deaf Man’s Villa). (Well, the name of the house was not after him, but he was also a bit deaf due to his illness when he was 46). He was suffering the panic, terror, fear and hysteria attacks that made him anxious and impatient and at that time probably still had significant mental and physical pain. In this condition he used oil paints to paint images on the walls of his dining and sitting rooms. The themes were dark and disturbing and a kind of private. He did not talk about them, not mentioned them anywhere and not even titled it. As a result of his work, today we have fourteen Black Paintings (Pinturas negras) created by transferring of this murals from the walls of this house on canvas. You can see them today in the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid.

In one of this paintings named El Aquelarre (Witches’ Sabbath or The Great He-Goat) he took the black goat to depict the Devil who leads the Sabbath’s meeting of witches. This crowd of witches that leans toward the goat have horrifying features and somehow strange ecstatic eyes. Apart from this crowd there is only one girl in a black dress with great expression of fear. Apart, but still somehow connected with this meeting?!? Why?

I wonder, why are there so many places in Spain with the name Aquelarre. Is it really somehow connected with the Witches’ Sabbath, the black male goat Akerbeltz, the inquisition, diabolic assembly or it is just a simple local sweet cat-grass Dactylis hispanica (also called cock’s-foot and cat grass)? Or there is some other mythical story hidden from the unintentional observer?

Whatever the meaning is, this journey started with Akellare, and this day also started leaving the yet another Akellare place. How I feel? I feel clean, happy, full of energy after a good night sleep in a soft bed in a cozy, nicely furnished little room in Gernika-Lumo. Should I mention that every place named Akellare has actually been very nice and clean and provided a good mood, far away from some scene where the Devil has the main role in it? Strange… but I would come back here again. And when thinking about yesterday, this strange feeling had to finish in a mystic place, mystic by location, by surrounding or maybe just by a name 🙂

In yesterday journey, even my Garmin “died”. Feeding of it on some “fake power cord” was not a good idea. Should I mention that only part that is missing is this mystic ending of the final 10K? No, let’s leave it in a yesterday story. New day – new beginning – new story to tell….

Today… we are going to Bilbao… again ;)…. feeling excited.

We prepared our bag for transport service and pretty early (for Spain that wakes up late) started our walk of the day. It was so early, that we didn’t find the open shop near the place where we slept. Out of the strange events the day before, I’ve misunderstood the procedure for leaving the place, the keys, the bag…. So, we waited with our bag until nine. Since nobody came, not even ‘transport-service-man(s)’ I finally called the owner and ask (in (now) already much better Spanish) if we can leave our bag in the room for transport along with the keys. Yes it was possible.

At nine on our way to ‘The Way’ we still didn’t find any place to eat a breakfast (a must for Ann) or to buy a coffee to go (a must for me). Gernika…. a town with more than 16.000 inhabitants, a place with a special feeling, suffering of people depicted in the famous Picasso Guernica, a story… well… I’ll have to write about it in some other post…. a post only for Gernika and an interesting Spanish women that I met there….

We passed near the big Church of Santa Maria. It was uphill when I saw her from the distance, big, majestic I would say, beautiful and closed. We didn’t have a chance to explore this 15th century building that combines both Romanic and Gothic styles. Maybe I should return here one day and just walk from one church to the other. I feel as if I am missing a part of history, a part of art because I am not able to enter to the church nor can I visit local Museums. Ok. I know already that I will come back.


We walked through the lovely streets near Park, old buildings and history. You feel it there somehow all around. I still searched for a Cafe. Even “para llevar” version would be ok for me. Then I saw it…. a dog – a wonderful dog. A town where I see the Dobermann is always a good town.

The sign pointed in the direction of a kind of new part of the city. The surrounding changed completely. The same was only this sleepiness. The Spain really wakes up late…. I noticed a smell of freshly baked bread. WOW. I will have a coffee “para llevar”. We entered the bakery and in second we were amazed with the smell and beauty of food. I took a piece of something that looked like the famous egg tart pastry named Pastel de Nata, a special treat that I tried in Portugal. It was warm, soft, simply delicious, a wonderful treat for the start of the walk.

Soon we came to a little square with the church of Santa Lucia and a statue of the Pilgrim. After crossing the modern street, the road became smaller and older and headed toward the forest… toward the Monte Biliario…climbing again. A runner, a sign of the modern artist representing who knows what (I should google a bit about him one day) and the beginning of the rain happened all at once. A distance of some 30K didn’t look very hard so we enjoyed easy walk. At first it was the road, then it became more soft. The rain was not heavy, but it did caused a lot of fog around making the view of the nature somehow dimmed.

Our little feathered friends didn’t care about the rain either. The song became really familiar and since the rain was not that heavy, I tried to “catch” them with my camera…. with more or less of a success…

Some 710K before Santiago… was a house with an old lady. It was a nice place to stop, make a stamp and wait for Ann. The lady was offering some food and place to stay, but we didn’t need it at that time. Still, it is good to know that you can find the rest on the road. Maybe next time we should travel like this. Walk as long as we can and then find the place to stay on the road.

When Ann arrived we continued together. The sun went out and everything looked better in a moment. Actually, the sun started to shine so hard, that a watermelon that we found few kilometers from this place was a perfect gift for us. It was just one slice of it, but it was one of the best watermelon that I ate in my life…. I guess it is in the moment.

There is something in this road…. in this way that makes it special….

Through woods and little roads, passing by another closed church we arrived in a little place called Larrabetzu. The sound of music and laugh of other Pilgrims was pretty tempting. Still we didn’t stop, We just smiled to people, said several times Buon Camino and continued along the way. The idea was to stop at Lezama or Zamudio whatever of these two spots looked better.

Lezama is a little town (some 2500 inhabitants) where you can see a beautiful church, a lot of interesting graphiti and a number of big crosses. And yes, you can find there a big heart. Try not to step on it carelessly with your foot. Who knows, maybe it can be broken?!


You can probably also find a place to stay, and definitely a place to eat and drink something. We? We didn’t even stop for an ice-cream or coffee or a tea. The rain started again, so we started to walk faster. I took some time to take a photo of graphiti since I believe they are a kind of a modern art. It is an expression of the artist who wants to share either his talent of his mind with us.


Zamundio a town with a bit more than 3000 inhabitants is situated on one side of the Mont Avril. Yes, it was raining when we were passing by. So, we only had one climbing on a bit over 300 meters before we saw Bilbao again. we left this city in the rainy mist and started to climb. As in other mountains, this climbing was not very hard. If there wasn’t a rain, it would be even easier. However, exactly the rain gave me this wonderful rainy rose for a memory…. with the fragrance of the ocean breeze….


Finally, in a distance we saw a Bilbao. A town with so much things to explore, a town where you can see the big flowering dog, a town where you can eat amaznig ice-cream and start to enjoy their little servings of food when you order some drink. It is a town with history and music, food, extraordinary sandwiches for which people stand in a row at midnight and a town that needs more than a day to get to know. A town where I found my yellow arrow while I was collecting a stamp in a Pilgrem’s hostel….a town where I spoke with other Pilgrims met on our walk… we spoke as the best friends ever. Isn’t it amazing how the Way can connect people in no time?!?

Next stop: Onton – Castro Urdiales…

Feeling a jolt of heaviness…

Continued from climbing.


Final 10Ks were easy. Nice refreshment and a joy of running toward the sea were all that I needed at that time. Everything was downhill, something that I can do always. I don’t even understand when people say that running downhill is a problem. I personally feel some kind of a special force that makes me run faster than I normally can.


On the road, I met a number of people smiling and running. Some of them passed more than my humble 42K distance, 69K, 100K and some even 100 miles. However, all of us were happy. Exhausted, but happy.


Why I run that far? Because of this feeling of exhaustion and a simple need of a good deep sleep. Maybe you remember these words “Relax, imagine that your legs are heavy, imagine that your body is heavy…” Well, after such a race… you don’t need to imagine. This heaviness jolts you, surprise or shocks you. You are like a stone and you can “disappear” in a minute. Sometimes while you are getting in your sleep, you start dreaming, and sometimes you dream about running. Then you feel that you have moved your legs in a rhythmic motion as if you are still running. Then you realize that actually you are the stone on some bed that does not need to move for some period of time. And you are grateful that you did it, that you can and that you will run again and again and again…


To be honest, I was hoping to end this running adventure entering the final mile near the sea. The plan was to swim afterwards.

Unfortunately, they were renovating something so the finish line was earlier, far enough from the sea, making it impossible to do such crazy thing as swimming in the sea in April. Still I survived. After several hours and 42K, I arrived in Umag.



Too hot?

… continued from … Keep on running

My trail continued…downhill. I find it easy.

42k v2

I know that some people think that going downhill is not easy and that it may be dangerous for knees. But I do not have such a problem. I can run much faster, I feel like I am flying. I love it. The only problem was the fact that I had rather little amount of water… and I realized that the refreshment point would be further than I planned. Can this no-water situation ruin my run? I wanted to unravel the mystery of no-water… but I had to go on. I was feeling good, despite everything… I was running…I was on Parenzana…


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Keep on running…

Keep on runnin’
Keep on hidin’
One fine day I’m gonna be the one
To make you understand
Oh yeah
I’m gonna be your man

Hey hey hey
Everyone is talkin’ about me
Makes me feel so bad
Hey hey hey
Everyone is laughing at me
Makes me feel so sad
Keep on runnin’
Hey hey
All right!

Keep on runnin’
Runnin’ from my arms
One fine day I’m gonna be the one
To make you understand
Oh yeah
I’m gonna be your man

Hey hey hey
Everyone is talkin’ about me
Makes me feel so bad
Hey hey hey
Everyone is laughing at me
Makes me feel so sad
Keep on runnin’
Hey hey
All right!

Source of the lyrics: AZ Lyrics.

Continued from… Tenaciously going uphill....


The soung was in my head while I continued my trail run blindly following the signs…. to the next refreshment point with very little amount of water……



… to be continued…

Tenaciously going uphill

… continued from…Healing process.

Crossing the river Mirna, I remembered that I still didn’t visit Kotli, the origin, the famous spring of the River. Well, I guess my “to-do list” is luckily still rather big.


The Mirna is the Istria’s longest and richest river. In the little village Kotli with only fifteen old stone houses in 19th century look there is the valley of the River Rečina, the river that connects with the rivulet Draga and continues to flow in a river named Mirna for some 52,8 km until it flows into the Adriatic sea in the bay Antenal near Novigrad. What makes this river so special? It cascades in falls, creates ponds in rocks, spills over from one cauldron to another. On her way to the sea, it meets Butoniga and Bračana and creates magnificent 17 waterfalls, some almost 30 m high. According to history, it was a navigable river and you can steel use a kayak and a canoe to enjoy in a wonderful experience.

At the bridge I met a friend, she went there cycling. I always have a time for a photo, especially on a trail races where it is allowed to make a stop, look, and enjoy the nature. Welcome to the truffle valley… some kind of a sign was there at the beginning of the several kilometres run before the next hill.

Truffles? Besides Buzet, the town of Oprtalj, the hamlet of Livade are considered the centre of truffles. The sign on the street pointed out on the festival “Days of Truffles” are organised at the beginning of October every year. This fungus comes in several species of which the genus Tuber is the most prominent. Black truffle, burgundy truffle, white truffle, whitish truffle, Terfezia species and sometimes even a “false truffles” are highly prized and by some considered as the diamonds of the kitchen. Besides the special pungent aroma, they are considered as delicacies, aphrodisiacs and as medicines. You can even go on a hunt for wild truffles with a dog or a saw. It is interesting that female pigs can detect the truffle because it contains a compound similar to androstenol, the sex pheromone of boar saliva. The problem is only, if they find it, they will eat it, so you must be fast, or at least faster than the saw.



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Let us leave truffles and Livade hamlet and do this uphill part of the run. Let us go to picturesque Oprtalj. Running through the Livade was nice. The weather was great, still not warm and I had my both bottles of water and some energetic drink as refreshment. I know that in this race this will be the last big uphill part. Although these cca 400 metres seems easy this hill suddenly started to look like the highest mountain that I have ever seen. I didn’t want to eat the dextrose bonbons that I took as the last resort, but somehow they vanished during the first part of the hill. I was trying to convince myself that it is ok to go slow, and I didn’t want to stop and have a rest. It was amazing to see runners from longer distances (up to 100 miles). They were really running uphill as if they do not have tiredness in their legs. How can this be possible? How can they run uphill? I still think that it is a mystery. I always said “Bravo” when I see them coming. Since this huge mountain had no end, I started to cheat on myself. I imagined that the end is just behind the corner (although I knew it wasn’t). Still, it worked. The hill was getting lower and lower and finally I reached the road. Several people were standing on the road cheering to us. I guess they were there as a support for their friends. At the top, I took photos of Motovun. The view was magnificent.


Oprtalj. …finally – I though while I was passing the sign of the town. I think that soon there will be some refreshment point. I think they said on the 10th kilometre, and guessed it might be here. In the town, a bunch of local people cheered. One man asked me (very seriously): “Do you want a beer?” – I laughed. Maybe it sounds tempting, but drinking a beer during a run probably wouldn’t help and who knows where would I end running drunk… ha ha ha


Oprtalj is a small picturesque little town at the top of the 380 metres high hill above the Mirna river valley. It is medieval town historically named “Town of 72 man of letters”. I don’t know why they called it that way, but it is repeated often by some local people. There is a small old Church of St. Rock build in 1581 at the entrance of the city. I remembered that the Church had fresco paintings made by Antonio from Padua, but I guess It is not the right time to visit it, so I just passed by. An amazing sight is definitely Renaissance Venetian municipal loggia from which you can take a look at the Istrias countryside. This loggia houses a lapidarium and several stone coats of arms. Another Church, the Parish Church of St. George from 1517 with a 27 meters high bell tower. Luckily, I don’t have to climb the stairs of this tower today. Just before the end of the town there is another church, the church of Little Virgin Mary from 15th century.



I passed the city. Well, I guess the control point must be a bit further away from here. Tenacious strength to go uphill and continue… Tenacious, tenacious? How persistant should I be to run the uphill road? How extreme is the run on the hot road without refreshment?! I cannot stop just because it is not easy…..

to be continued….



Healing process


Have You ever heard about the 100 Miles of Istria – The Biggest Croatian Trail Race? Yes? No? Well, I have the luck to share my experience with this wonderful race in the heart of Istria in Croatia.

Due to the recent problem with anaemia, I was a bit afraid in how I would survive 42K of mountain race. Still, this special feeling of being a part of a great adventure, feeling of running in the sun toward the sea and crossing the final line was greater than my fear. Anyway, they say that we should not feed the fear wolf, so I dismissed that unpleasant feeling. This race is going to be a healing process for me. I knew that at the start.

 42k v2

Source of the image: istria100.

Even though 42K sounds big, it is actually a „peanut-race“ in comparison to 100 miles. I only have to run 42K (+1100 and -1250) with a time limit of 10 hours. For 100 miles you should run some 170K (+7120 and -7400) in a time limit of 48 hours. Peanut-race? It depends how you look at it. For me, 42K was a perfect challenge appropriate to my current state of body and mind 😉

100mi v2

Source of the image: istria100.

The start was in Motovun. Actually, below the Motovun hill, so yes, we started uphill. We laughed that even though it is uphill, we must run because we must look good on the photographs from the start. Therefore, I put my smile on the face and run these 500 metres of uphill road. A numberless stairs to the top and cheering of people on the read marked the first 1.3K of the race. The sun was high because the start was at 11:00. Weather? Perfect. Feeling? Being Happy because I can run, and I will run so long….

Motovun is a little city, or should we better call it a village in central Istria. It is on the top of the hill 270 metres above sea level with some 500 residents. In earlier times of its history, he was near one of the station of narrow railroad named Parenzana that ran from Trieste to Parenzo (1902-1935).


Source of the image: Parenzana.

The town of Motovun looks rather medieval with those amazing ancient entrance, paved road and old houses. The city is often connected with the legend about the giant Veli Jože.


Source of the image:

According to the legend, in the time when Venetian Republic ruled over the Istria in the valley near the town of Motovun lived a special giant Jože. He was a servant until he went to Venice with his new Lord. Heavy storm on the sea destroyed the galley and many people died. Even a prisoner giant Ilija was hurt and before he died he told to Jože that he must be a free man and not let anyone to be his master. Our giant Jože decided to follow his advice and he returned home. He started to work and dig in the forest near the town Motovun. It was a strike of luck that he found the gold treasure during his work. Well, maybe it was not luck, because when other people heard about the gold they came to help him, but they also wanted a great piece of it. His former property owners also thought that they deserve this treasure for themselves. Famous Greed made a lot of trouble for this good giant, so he had to run away. Luckily, there was a helping hand. He found help from Civetta who was a leader of the serfs at that time and who divided the gold and gave the best piece of land to Jože. Coming back to Motovun Jože remembered the Ilija’s words, and decided to leave Civetta, Motovun, and this best piece of Land. He never came back. They said he became a free man 🙂

Interesting story? It was so inspiring that a Croatian poet and writer Vladimir Nazor wrote a tale named “Big Joseph” (Veli Jože).

This run is maybe our way to be free, to leave everything behind us, to go through the storm of hard times and to finally find freedom in the end.


At the top of the hill, we made an ascent of only +148. Still, it was just a beginning of the race and more was to come. After the city came the long trail downhill. I left my legs run as much as I can and enjoyed the spring breeze. It was great. I have been here before, so it looked familiar, but also a somewhat new. I knew already that I would come back here again soon.

Crossing the bridge over river Mirna and the main road and making a number of beautiful photographs of the surroundings marked the end of the downhill running. Some 5K run was a head of me before the next ascent…before the next Istrian hill and town named Oprtalj. to be continued….


Source of the images: my private collection 🙂



Such a strong word. I had this in my bucket list since I was a child. And I always knew I would do it. I didn’t know where, how, and when. But I knew that I would have a check mark beside this word on my list.

I have always done a kind of a sport. I have never achieved anything in my childhood, but I tried and tried. I run often since 1992. I didn’t measure anything at that time, so I don’t know how much, how fast and how far. Nevertheless, with the knowledge that measuring gave me so far, I can say that it was impressive even then, without GPS and other runner’s helpers.

In 2012, I had to start running outside again. It all happened without plan. I sold my Orbitrek and had a sudden bill to pay, so I didn’t have money at that time to buy a good treadmill.

Therefore, I went outside. I gathered kilometre, per kilometre… then it was five kilometres, eight, ten, and twelve… then I managed something around half marathon, longer, longer…. I run, like in the movie: Run, Forrest, Run. So I run.

I have participated in several small races, 5K, 10K, 12K and I was not the last. Guess I am not the Champion material. Still, I run again.

It was by chance that on some business trip in Portugal I saw that there is a race that day in Porto. I was so excited. I asked the organizer to participate in the short race – 6K. You know it is a special occasion when you run in a different city, and especially in a different country. The organizer replied that I can participate, but that there are only places in the Half Marathon race. I agreed.

I should maybe mention that the longest run at that time for me was 12K, and I was travelling in Porto in two days. No time for training?

I came there. It was special. My result was funny. It took me more than 2:40h to come to the end of this 21K, but I did it. And the laud voice “Parabens menina“… will always remain in my head. “Parabens” for now on is always special feeling.


Then I met an interesting person that told me that he runs in the nature, uphill. He runs relays, in forest…

Hmmm. I thought. New challenge?
Yes. I put it on my bucket list.

Around me, there was no one interested. My running every other day was considered stupid by the ones that I knew. It is better to eat some extra large portion of food and drink a gallon of beer. Ok. It’s your choice – I thought. I prefer running.

Then I noticed one advertisement on the web. “First trekking school”.

This must be forest. I was not sure what the difference between trail and trekking is, and since I believed that I would definitely meet some other people that think positive about running and that maybe in the future they will be interested in “run and travel”.

Therefore, adventure started. Trail – trekking – trail, mountains, and wonderful landscapes, seaside… just to mention a few. Out of a hindered of people that started the trekking school, at the end I realised that there is a nice group of some 50 people that really like “run and travel”.

Bingo. I have new running friends. In a race where you spend several hours running, searching, trekking and enjoying nature, friendships become stronger and more long lasting. Moreover, what I like the most, we are all the same. The fast one, the slower one, the old, the young – we are all the same, we are all humans.


Sometimes I play giveaways. I know that I cannot win everything. Nevertheless, sometimes, something that I really want can come to me.

You will have to run a lot to finish this race“. I heard the man talking aloud and looking at the piece of paper in his hand. He looked me in the eyes. Although it was a crowd of people around me – I know I won. I won a Berlin. I won the first prize in this lottery – travel arrangement and participation voucher for Marathon in Berlin. I was in heaven. Marathon and Berlin. It couldn’t be better – I thought.

It was the beginning of July, so I had only three months for training. I had a rather busy schedule at that time and at least three mountain races (longer than 20K) in my calendar. I also wanted to do a bicycle marathon that year. Moreover, the most important, I was feeling very exhausted. My iron level was around 1-2. In addition, considering my previous achievements, I received many strange comments. They all thought – I guess – that I will not be able to finish that in a time limit. The time limit was six hours. I knew I could do it.

Once, I trained myself according to FIRST. I like books, so when I saw the short description of this book in the bookstore, I decided it to read it and test it on myself. My first training according to this training program was for a Half Marathon. After my first HM that I did in more than 2:40, I managed with a shorter version of training (only 12 weeks) to cut this time to 2:20. I thought it is impressive enough to say that the method works.

So, I made a plan for Marathon. Huh! I don’t even have 12 weeks, and I am exhausted and not in a good health. I had to work harder, but how?

Therefore, I decided to train as much as I can, to add a bit of protein in my diet, to go on the races that I wanted to do that year. I paid the participation for bicycle marathon too. I bought three bottles of the finest Blackberry Wine and a pack of iron supplement. To be sure that I can do it, I had to run this 42K at least once before Berlin. Should I mention that this year was supposed to be the year without meat (Another challenging New Year Resolution that I could not break under any circumstances – ha ha ha). It is funny how the life is sometimes playing games with us, isn’t it?

And I run, run, run. I heard also sometimes: Run – Forrest – Run in my head… so I continued. I run in the rain, in the morning in the night. I run when there was almost 40 degrees of Celsius outside. I also trained a bicycle and a bit of swimming in the sea.

Bicycle marathon was planned for the end of the summer. Moreover, although I do not have long experience with cycling – I also knew that I could do it. I only needed a bicycle – a good one.

With my CUBE, it was a piece of cake. However, I will talk about it in some other story.


Berlin marathon was approaching, and although I have trained a lot, I still didn’t run the 42K distance.

I didn’t have much time left, only few weeks and yes, another two races that I had to participate in. You understand, don’t you?

It was 10th of September, the day when an 11K race was organized in my town in a scope of the European Week of Sport named #BeActive. I had to participate, off course. And I did. In addition, I also had to run my “pilot Marathon” that day. I just didn’t know if I would calculate this 11K in the 42K, or not?


Well, I didn’t. I had a rest of almost one hour, after the 11K race because I wanted to see the program of this meeting. So, it wouldn’t be ok to count this 11K in, would it?

I did my “Pilot-Marathon” that day. It was sunny day, with around 33 degrees of Celsius. I started one hour after noon. It took me too long, but I did it. I needed six hours to finish it. I was exhausted. The last two kilometres I did not know how to force myself to lift the legs in running positions. I guess I did not look like I was running at all 🙂 In total, I made 54K that day.

Ok. Now I was ready for Berlin 🙂


Berlin? It was easy. I was in a kind of an ecstatic state… with my photo camera, laughing, happy, knowing that I can do it. With such a support from the people on the streets of Berlin, with music, with a huge amount of other runners, I run my first official marathon.

It took me 4:54:14 to finish the race. Considering my trainings and previous “Pilot-Marathon”, I think it is amazing. Moreover, I am very proud about this result. It mine, unique and so far the PB Marathon, made in Berlin.


Ok, I wrote all of this because The Daily Prompt was Marathon.

It could have been a marathon of many things… but after such and experience last year, for me – it had to be about Berlin Marathon.

And a song of my life…..this time … by U2