Aesthetic Feeling that I was there too

It was cold December outside. I was instructed not to ask for help, but I asked. I had only one lunch hour for escape from reality. I had to do it. It was now or never – I thought. When will I be here again, I don’t know. I must do it. Excuse me Madam;Continue reading “Aesthetic Feeling that I was there too”

Invitation – Sent in temptation

  Invitation It came behind time, And woke me from my dream. My memories were peculiar, A miscellaneous collection of tempting impressions.   Sent in temptation, To provoke my emotions. With a hidden promise of pleasure. How was I supposed to refuse it?   It would be tempting to agree To an inviting smell comingContinue reading “Invitation – Sent in temptation”

Let’ start….

I always wanted to share my memories, experience, adventures.. not to mention photos and funny tips…so maybe it is time to start doing it. Why now? I have stumblled upon an giveaway where I had to write a short story about an adventure from travelling, so I have decided to write about something in Sevilla,Continue reading “Let’ start….”

Names – January 6, 2017

I stumbbled upon Photo Challenge  Names Humans love naming things — look around you, and I bet you’ll see dozens of names. This week, take a photo of one! By Michelle W. The idea is to find some interesting photo taken by mobile phone or camera and to write a post to this Weekly Challenge.Continue reading “Names – January 6, 2017”