Just like Yin and Yang…..

Conflicting as it sounds, Either thorough supervision or control Or carelessness and neglectfulness Oversight is always lack of adequate attention. In love, friendship and family, If monitored too much it is like suffocation, If neglected it is uncaring and indifference Balance is the only solution. Same is in the each aspect of life, Forces mustContinue reading “Just like Yin and Yang…..”

I don’t stop when I’m tired, I Stop when I’m done!

What is Success? Who is Successful? Every single one of us achieves it several times a year, a month and even in a day. Therefore, it is achievable and we all know the feeling the follows this accomplishment. This accomplishment? Well, it can be anything. Sometimes being happy is the goal, sometimes finishing the race,Continue reading “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I Stop when I’m done!”

Multiple Exposures

In respond to Daily Post Exposure… Multiple exposures in photography and cinematography are the superimposition of two or more exposures to create a single image. Double exposure includes two images. Source: Wikipedia. In a digital world that we live now, images are superimposed over each other by using a software editors – so the opacityContinue reading “Multiple Exposures”

Aesthetic Feeling that I was there too

It was cold December outside. I was instructed not to ask for help, but I asked. I had only one lunch hour for escape from reality. I had to do it. It was now or never – I thought. When will I be here again, I don’t know. I must do it. Excuse me Madam;Continue reading “Aesthetic Feeling that I was there too”

Invitation – Sent in temptation

  Invitation It came behind time, And woke me from my dream. My memories were peculiar, A miscellaneous collection of tempting impressions.   Sent in temptation, To provoke my emotions. With a hidden promise of pleasure. How was I supposed to refuse it?   It would be tempting to agree To an inviting smell comingContinue reading “Invitation – Sent in temptation”