The word “mnemonic” is derived from the Ancient Greek word μνημονικός (mnēmonikos), meaning “of memory, or relating to memory”[2] and is related to Mnemosyne (“remembrance”), the name of the goddess of memory in Greek mythology. Both of these words are derived from μνήμη (mnēmē), “remembrance, memory”.[3] Mnemonics in antiquity were most often considered in the context of what is today known as the art of memory.

Ancient Greeks and Romans distinguished between two types of memory: the “natural” memory and the “artificial” memory. The former is inborn, and is the one that everyone uses instinctively. The latter in contrast has to be trained and developed through the learning and practice of a variety of mnemonic techniques. Source: Wikipedia

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It can be music

It can be Name

Expression or a Word

Model sometimes

Funny Ode or Rhyme

It can also be Note

And Image


And Spelling

It’s up to your imagination

Which Mnemonic will work for You.


Here are some examples….

  • The order of taxonomy:

Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach

(Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species)

  • The first eight U.S. presidents:

Will A Jolly Man Make A Jolly Visitor?

(George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren)

  • The bones of the wrist:

Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle

(Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetral, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate)



I always wandered when did it happen?

I guess we all remember at least of some moments in our lives when we were kids. Maybe some game, some event in school, something happy, something sad… something.

It was the time when we didn’t know that much, and everything was simple, almoust as black and white. As the time went bye, we added a lot of color, the whole rainbow of color, often a lot of grey, dull, smoky color that somehow made ourreality different. We fall and worry much often than we raise and shine. How wrong we are in our perspective.

Simplify, we must simplify everything. Only then will our colors shine with full splendid grace. At the end, life is amazing.

‘I want to see more dog ADVOCATES, not just dog ‘lovers,’ Nicole continues. ‘Everybody loves dogs but not everybody knows how to advocate for their dog, and help their dog to trust them and convey that they can understand what they need.’

It’s clear her efforts have paid off – no matter how much time it takes, a Bear hug like that must be priceless.

Here is an inspirational story behind this bear-hug photo 🙂 The story about Nicole Handel and her German Shepard pooch Bear. Priceless.

Ultimate Travel Dog

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It probably doesn’t have connection with “bewildered“, but somehow… it was the first thing that cross my mind reading this Word Prompt.

There is a struggle, different state of mind, making up of his mind, headed for disaster…. well, it is a kind of bewildered feeling of a confused shadow of the men.

Enjoy… the song is amazing…. just like Freddy Mercury was……



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What do we do now to entertain ourselves?

History has changed. We used to watch TV, although watching too much was considered that it would make us stupid. That’s at least what our parents told us. So we read books, we listened to the music, we played outdoors and we learned, learned, learned. They said that “if you finish school you will live well”. So, we finished the school, the faculty, we got this degree.

Our entertainment was mainly focused on Saturdays when we went out to see friends drinking too much and making fools of themselves. Actually at that time, except for cinema, the only “happenings” were on saturday, and sometimes on Fridays and some special days of the year.

We made party after every big exam, sometimes visited cinema, theatre and since we didn’t have money, we didn’t travel. Going to the sea for summer was the greatest reward, but even when we did earn it, our parents didn’t have money for such luxury.

What about today?

Internet and networking made everything completely different. Now you can go out every single night because there is always something going on. It is not that expensive, so even a children in the school, high school, faculty can find entertainment every day and night. But what they do? Mobile internet. We are all connected now. Our social media accounts are a kind of virtual place where everyone (almost everyone) can be reached. We are focused on photos and words on the screens, and rarely spend quality time in the nature.

Does it means that the quality of our free-time entertainment is improved, or?

Who knows. It is nice that you can turn on the PC and go anywhere in the world. It is nice that you can send a message and get a response in minutes and not in days (like we used to when we wrote the letters and send them by post). It is nice that information is valuable and easily accessible.

But sometimes… sometimes it is nice to go of line, to be un plugged and enjoy the simple things. Returning to nature is in today-world, where deleting history became more important that creating one, is more precious than it has ever been before.

The best advice is probably…. read those books, listen to the music, play, dance, watch to movies and go, just go in the nature! Go near water. Go to the sea….


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That moment you remember as if it was yesterday. So vivid, a kind of static and ALWAYS present.

There is a little trick to remember special moments.

Stop your thoughts for the moment and observe “the now”. Look in the sky, sense the scent, hear the sounds, enjoy the view and say either at loud or as loud as you can in yourself…..”Remember this feeling, this moment, remember this!!!”

Try it! It works 🙂


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