Elevate… is the only way…..   “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” –Buddha “You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.” – Charlie Chaplin Source of the featured image: http://www.vanpraagh.com.   Advertisements

Educate Heart

Educate… the quote that first crossed my mind….   Source of the featured image: everydaypowerblog.com.


When there are no words to describe how I feel When I realize that I cannot make photos with my eyes When my whole body is trembling of joy Being here Glance at the sound and word And then I left Free Priceless Source of the image: Tumblr.

What if I don’t

What if I don’t criticize What if I only enjoy Going wild in a moment Hiding on the other side of the rainbow   ‘Cause I’m to damaged to promise Afraid there is nothing to give No more past, no future Just living on my own  


They say that the best thing about memories is creating one…. And every day has to be happy Every day is important Every day we can memorize something ‘Cause in the end the memory is all that we have That makes us smile And that we keep forever As our little treasures hidden in the…


Songs enamored, inspired by love …  


First association to Rhyme… was a little rhyme by magnificant Dr. Seuss.   Don’t give up. I believe in you all. A person’s a person No matter how small. Dr. Seuss       Source of the featured image: Pinterest.

Magnetic soul

Is it your smile Or your eyes Or your voice Or your body Or your magnetic soul that makes me come back again and again and again although nothing has happened and maybe never will    


Well, if you didn’t know…  Homage is a name of a lovely Unicorn 🙂 Amazing one…   Homage is a steel grey Unicorn with a blue mane. Homage is first seen in Chapter 16 but in reality she has been on the radio as the guise of DJ Pon3 since before the opening of Stable…

..it can never been taken away, unless..

Quotes about dingify and dignity… all are great, but the last is my favourite 🙂 ‘Cause Dignity is so precious and should never be surrendered. Source of the image: walldecalwarehouse.com. Source of the image: Pinterest.   Source of the image: Pinterest.   Source of featured image: picturequotes.me.

The most amazing mansion

Source of the image quote: wallacejnichols.org. Source of the featured image: theodysseyonline.com.   You can live in a house or reside in some castle – yes you inhabit it You can fill in the room with memories and say I inhabit it. You can live in the city, of fill in the attic with memories…