As abandoned, as deserted, as desolate?

Or being sad or lonely?

Characterized by loneliness and sadness.

Wretched or pitiful in appearance.

Deprived, desperate, nearly hopeless.

Why does some nights seem so bereft?

And when you wake up next day everything is gone?

My mamma used to say that “Every night has it’s power”.

I still wonder how!?!


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Why are we allergic to some people? You know that feeling when the person does nothing at all but you still feel as you need to hit it?

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It is interesting how chemistry has explanation for our feelings.


In the beginning stages of most exciting new relationships our brain chemistry and hormone levels are far from normal. For example, your feelings of well-being and happiness are affected by a hormone called serotonin, which plays an important role in emotional responses, especially when measured against your partner. Another hormone called oxytocin affects how empathic you are to others and your ability to deal with stress. In addition, your desire to seek out new sensations and experiences can be influenced your brain’s sensitivity to a hormone called dopamine. Understanding your partner’s emotional behavior is the key to successfully dealing with relationship challenges, solving problems and better communication. We now have the ability to reveal vital information which would normally take years for you to learn over time with your partner (Learn More).

Well, you often don’t do it. But imagination helps to feel better.


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I guess logic is not always the answer….


Treat yourself

She came home looking tired. But not that kind of tired when you worked too much on a field and you can’t move. She was tired of fake people and lies. She was tired of envy and gossip. Tired of not letting her spirit fly. Oh, she can do much more than just going with the flow. She is different, strong, spiritual, imaginative, kind of crazy. She is the flow.

– Jolie… – he whispered.

She raised her head slowly while she focused the last atoms of her strength on him.

Treat yourself – he smiled.

That special glimpse between understanding souls was enough.

She left.


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They say adventure is dangerous not knowing how empty the routine is. We were not made just for going to work, eat and sleep. We can do more. We must do more. Maybe a good story might be enough some time, but without exploring the never-seen places, pushing the boundaries of courage, strength and mind, without meeting the other souls, and travelling, life is simply wasted.

Make that Reservation! Go wherever your heart wants to go….

Buy that ticket….


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What is best thought for the end of the Year.

Analyzing what we wanted and what we achieved?

Creation of New Resolutions For the Year to come?

Saying thank You to anyone we know?

Each of us has it’s way of ending a Year.

I prefer laugh, happiness, music and dance…

Without it, what’s the point?

Finally… let’s dance 🙂


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