Such a strong word. I had this in my bucket list since I was a child. And I always knew I would do it. I didn’t know where, how, and when. But I knew that I would have a check mark beside this word on my list.

I have always done a kind of a sport. I have never achieved anything in my childhood, but I tried and tried. I run often since 1992. I didn’t measure anything at that time, so I don’t know how much, how fast and how far. Nevertheless, with the knowledge that measuring gave me so far, I can say that it was impressive even then, without GPS and other runner’s helpers.

In 2012, I had to start running outside again. It all happened without plan. I sold my Orbitrek and had a sudden bill to pay, so I didn’t have money at that time to buy a good treadmill.

Therefore, I went outside. I gathered kilometre, per kilometre… then it was five kilometres, eight, ten, and twelve… then I managed something around half marathon, longer, longer…. I run, like in the movie: Run, Forrest, Run. So I run.

I have participated in several small races, 5K, 10K, 12K and I was not the last. Guess I am not the Champion material. Still, I run again.

It was by chance that on some business trip in Portugal I saw that there is a race that day in Porto. I was so excited. I asked the organizer to participate in the short race – 6K. You know it is a special occasion when you run in a different city, and especially in a different country. The organizer replied that I can participate, but that there are only places in the Half Marathon race. I agreed.

I should maybe mention that the longest run at that time for me was 12K, and I was travelling in Porto in two days. No time for training?

I came there. It was special. My result was funny. It took me more than 2:40h to come to the end of this 21K, but I did it. And the laud voice “Parabens menina“… will always remain in my head. “Parabens” for now on is always special feeling.


Then I met an interesting person that told me that he runs in the nature, uphill. He runs relays, in forest…

Hmmm. I thought. New challenge?
Yes. I put it on my bucket list.

Around me, there was no one interested. My running every other day was considered stupid by the ones that I knew. It is better to eat some extra large portion of food and drink a gallon of beer. Ok. It’s your choice – I thought. I prefer running.

Then I noticed one advertisement on the web. “First trekking school”.

This must be forest. I was not sure what the difference between trail and trekking is, and since I believed that I would definitely meet some other people that think positive about running and that maybe in the future they will be interested in “run and travel”.

Therefore, adventure started. Trail – trekking – trail, mountains, and wonderful landscapes, seaside… just to mention a few. Out of a hindered of people that started the trekking school, at the end I realised that there is a nice group of some 50 people that really like “run and travel”.

Bingo. I have new running friends. In a race where you spend several hours running, searching, trekking and enjoying nature, friendships become stronger and more long lasting. Moreover, what I like the most, we are all the same. The fast one, the slower one, the old, the young – we are all the same, we are all humans.


Sometimes I play giveaways. I know that I cannot win everything. Nevertheless, sometimes, something that I really want can come to me.

You will have to run a lot to finish this race“. I heard the man talking aloud and looking at the piece of paper in his hand. He looked me in the eyes. Although it was a crowd of people around me – I know I won. I won a Berlin. I won the first prize in this lottery – travel arrangement and participation voucher for Marathon in Berlin. I was in heaven. Marathon and Berlin. It couldn’t be better – I thought.

It was the beginning of July, so I had only three months for training. I had a rather busy schedule at that time and at least three mountain races (longer than 20K) in my calendar. I also wanted to do a bicycle marathon that year. Moreover, the most important, I was feeling very exhausted. My iron level was around 1-2. In addition, considering my previous achievements, I received many strange comments. They all thought – I guess – that I will not be able to finish that in a time limit. The time limit was six hours. I knew I could do it.

Once, I trained myself according to FIRST. I like books, so when I saw the short description of this book in the bookstore, I decided it to read it and test it on myself. My first training according to this training program was for a Half Marathon. After my first HM that I did in more than 2:40, I managed with a shorter version of training (only 12 weeks) to cut this time to 2:20. I thought it is impressive enough to say that the method works.

So, I made a plan for Marathon. Huh! I don’t even have 12 weeks, and I am exhausted and not in a good health. I had to work harder, but how?

Therefore, I decided to train as much as I can, to add a bit of protein in my diet, to go on the races that I wanted to do that year. I paid the participation for bicycle marathon too. I bought three bottles of the finest Blackberry Wine and a pack of iron supplement. To be sure that I can do it, I had to run this 42K at least once before Berlin. Should I mention that this year was supposed to be the year without meat (Another challenging New Year Resolution that I could not break under any circumstances – ha ha ha). It is funny how the life is sometimes playing games with us, isn’t it?

And I run, run, run. I heard also sometimes: Run – Forrest – Run in my head… so I continued. I run in the rain, in the morning in the night. I run when there was almost 40 degrees of Celsius outside. I also trained a bicycle and a bit of swimming in the sea.

Bicycle marathon was planned for the end of the summer. Moreover, although I do not have long experience with cycling – I also knew that I could do it. I only needed a bicycle – a good one.

With my CUBE, it was a piece of cake. However, I will talk about it in some other story.


Berlin marathon was approaching, and although I have trained a lot, I still didn’t run the 42K distance.

I didn’t have much time left, only few weeks and yes, another two races that I had to participate in. You understand, don’t you?

It was 10th of September, the day when an 11K race was organized in my town in a scope of the European Week of Sport named #BeActive. I had to participate, off course. And I did. In addition, I also had to run my “pilot Marathon” that day. I just didn’t know if I would calculate this 11K in the 42K, or not?


Well, I didn’t. I had a rest of almost one hour, after the 11K race because I wanted to see the program of this meeting. So, it wouldn’t be ok to count this 11K in, would it?

I did my “Pilot-Marathon” that day. It was sunny day, with around 33 degrees of Celsius. I started one hour after noon. It took me too long, but I did it. I needed six hours to finish it. I was exhausted. The last two kilometres I did not know how to force myself to lift the legs in running positions. I guess I did not look like I was running at all 🙂 In total, I made 54K that day.

Ok. Now I was ready for Berlin 🙂


Berlin? It was easy. I was in a kind of an ecstatic state… with my photo camera, laughing, happy, knowing that I can do it. With such a support from the people on the streets of Berlin, with music, with a huge amount of other runners, I run my first official marathon.

It took me 4:54:14 to finish the race. Considering my trainings and previous “Pilot-Marathon”, I think it is amazing. Moreover, I am very proud about this result. It mine, unique and so far the PB Marathon, made in Berlin.


Ok, I wrote all of this because The Daily Prompt was Marathon.

It could have been a marathon of many things… but after such and experience last year, for me – it had to be about Berlin Marathon.

And a song of my life…..this time … by U2

Exquisite Relationship

I know that it was only a matter of time, when I will talk about us. They say that writing has to be genuine, from the heart, honest and with passion.

I know.

Every time I write about You, I get the same reaction. A marvellous work – they say and ponder over me, gazing in wonder, searching for the answer in my eyes.

A good critic can easily make a psychological profile of me, not knowing that you really exist, without idea that our Relationship is precious, special, unlimited and eternal. Exquisite.

Sometimes only one eye-contact, only one occasional touch, only one smile is enough – and we both know from the deep of our souls that we are happy to know each other.

Who could ask for more?

Simple Beauty

Sometimes You do not need much to feel happiness. It my be a moment, caught second of an atmosphere, something warm in the cold day, or find something blue imagining it is the warm sea on a hot Sunday day… even though it is freezing outside and blues comes only from the cold…

But if You imagine… world can change completly… and i is worth it… even for a second of time…..

Unseen – can it be?


Sometimes I feel like a blue Tit. I find a great source of amazing something in front of me, and still want to remain unseen. If I am queit enough, if I open my eyes and listen with all of my senses, I know that the reward will be this amazing something.

So, I will try, over and over again… to remain unseen.


Like in the song: It’s Oh So Quiet by Björk

Lyrics…Continue reading “Unseen – can it be?”

Let’ start….

I always wanted to share my memories, experience, adventures.. not to mention photos and funny tips…so maybe it is time to start doing it.

Why now?

I have stumblled upon an giveaway where I had to write a short story about an adventure from travelling, so I have decided to write about something in Sevilla, a wonderfull Spanish town that I had a chance to visit…

Later I realized that the whole giveaway was fake… ha ha ha.

The winner has been known before it started. And when I tried to say something about it to the organizer… they were were rude and unpolite. And I don’t want to have anything with such people. Maybe I am even happy that I didn’t get anything in this giveawas… becuase it is not a happy prize, if you know what I mean.


Sevilla (7).jpg

My story about Sevilla adventure…Continue reading “Let’ start….”

Names – January 6, 2017

I stumbbled upon Photo Challenge 


Humans love naming things — look around you, and I bet you’ll see dozens of names. This week, take a photo of one!

By Michelle W.

The idea is to find some interesting photo taken by mobile phone or camera and to write a post to this Weekly Challenge. I had something else in my mind, but Friday will come in less than 30 minutes… so the challenge is almoust over.

I like taking photos, especially unusual ones, and that is why it is so hard to find the one that I am looking for. Actually, looking at all of this photos… if they were all in printed version, my room will be “spaceless” 😉

So, to make things short… I have selected a photo taken in a monutain over Zagreb. The photo contains the name “18 Tunel” near the hiking sign. Here it is:


This well-known hiking road 18 is pretty famous in Zagreb under the name “Bikčevićeva“.

You only need 5,93 km to make this climb that starts from the Tunel and with somewhere very scarp (>30%) ascent and ends at the “Puntijarka” – a hiking lodge.

The name comes from the man Tomislav Bikčević (1915-1986) that worked a lot on the forestation of the mountain Sljeme.

I guess when You are up there… it is very nice to know which Way is the shortest to take back to the Tunel… That’s why they named this tree… 18 Tunel.

So, this short story is only for the Photo-challenge  Names