The Arrow or the Boomerang


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Sometimes I want to have a catapult, that old ballistic device to launch you like a projectile at a great distance from here – he said with a smile.

So you think that you can use me as the key siege weapon to concur some fortified city. Who are you to think like that? – She accepted the funny speech.

Do you know that the primitive catapults were aimed to increase the range and penetrating power of missiles? To do so, they created the missiles in a form of the arrow. I think you could be a good arrow. And if I have a big, big catapult, I think you could fly over the mountain. You said you want to fly, didn’t you – he laughed.

 .. hmmm… only above the sea. I have nothing against flying, but I don’t like this thing about landing…

 Well, if you are an arrow, landing is nothing for you. You will probably penetrate some ground – he laughed.

 After such a flight, I will be useless. If you don’t plan to project me into the sea, I am not interested – she answered as if she is offended.

That’s the point of missiles and catapults use arrows and throw them far away for a better cause. You don’t need the arrows any more; you have the castle – ha answered with a sound of winning.

My Hermann said: “Om is the Bow, The Arrow is Soul”. If I am an arrow, I am the Soul. Moreover, yes, there is a quote: “As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better”. Therefore, if you project me from your catapult, I will fly as an arrow, follow my dreams, and walk away with wisdom, courage and dignity.

You won – he said sadly. I don’t want you to be an arrow. If I have to through you away, I prefer that you are a Boomerang. You’ll be back right away, as a hug.

Dale Carnegie!!! – She laughed. See, it is like a boomerang! You’ve just received what you gave! I won again 🙂


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Source of the image: weheartit,com.



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